Write a ‘A’ Grade Research Paper on HIPAA

Write a ‘A’ Grade Research Paper on HIPAAWhat to do when you have been assigned a research paper on HIPAA and you have no clue as to what it even stands for…??

Relax; take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out! Obsessing over the topic won’t get you anywhere; instead I suggest you follow a simple outline that can help students achieve that very important grade so that you do not have to kiss the college trip goodbye.

The very first thing that you need to do is understand the topic and its implications in the real world. In your case you need to understand what HIPAA stands for. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

This law is extremely important when it comes to rights over one’s health information. Thanks to this particular law, everyone in the United States of American can protect their medical records, their conversations with medical personnel, information regarding health insurance and medical billing.
Now, comes the second, and the more difficult part, the part where you have to actually sit down, and construct a research paper that will decide the fate of your class grade.

…and adults think they have problems!

There, whine over, now I have to help you develop an outline that will eventually allow you yo complete your research paper…on time.

Find Reliable Sources-Quality over Quantity

The very first thing you need to do is find reliable sources. Do not get sidetracked, find only the most accurate of sources even if they are few and far between. Remember, it is not the amount of references you put down that will get you the grade, but the quality of your work.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement worries every student, but once you have carried out an extensive research, and read about the various aspects of the law, I am sure you will be able to come with a statement that clearly states what you aim to prove in the paper.

Let’s say for example, the noncompliance of the law by the officials might generate curiosity in you, so why not try to elaborate on that in your paper.

Sample Thesis Statement on HIPAA

The HIPAA is a law that needs continuous regulation. Private clinics, home healthcare providers and small healthcare associated businesses, are in a prime position to take advantage of patients, and the law must ensure that these healthcare institutes are rigorously controlled, and are in compliance of the patient’s privacy.

Background Analysis

The first step is to provide a basic background on the topic. Give details of when the law was enacted, why and, how it has proven to be effective. This is the factual part of the paper that introduces the law and, sets the stage for your thesis.

Do not forget to discuss the efficacy of the law and how it has been able to safeguard interests of patients all over the country and, maybe show how it can be abused so that you can insert your thesis.

Analysis and Arguments

Let’s not forget that every coin has two sides. The first step is stating how small clinics less vigorously controlled by the law can; abuse the HIPAA without anyone being the wiser. Give case studies, find statistics, and drive your point home.

Immigrants maybe using the private clinics, illegal immigrants maybe too afraid to go to hospitals, give hard core facts to show how there are loop holes in the law where small home healthcare institutes and, such are in the picture.

Then come to the next stage where you can counter-argue your thesis, why small healthcare clinics maybe in non-compliance of the HIPAA.
Talk about what hinders the compliance of the law. List issues that make observance of the law difficult, especially for smaller businesses, you can talk how about how the law has influenced an escalation in costs and triggered a major upset in the health care economics.
You might also highlight how employees find it fairly difficult to tackle the law in day-to-day dealings.

In order to make your paper effective give only the most convincing of arguments. I suggest you also add some personal perspective as presented by various employees in healthcare clinics on the law itself. How they perceive it, do they find it readily applicable, and do they find it effective?


The conclusion has to be a tightly knit summary of your thesis and, the final words you may have on the topic. Do not introduce any new thoughts. Focus on your arguments and, analysis and, finally conclude with a strong statement giving some future insight.

You need to understand that we are dealing with a broad topic, and yes we will have to carry out an in-depth analysis to convince your readers of your point of view that needs evidentiary support.

Read this sample paper on HIPAA so that you have the practical know how of the very theoretical words I wrote above.