Nursing Leadership – How to Create an Insightful Paper

I sincerely believe that no matter what kind of occupation one adopts a few characteristics like loyalty, hard work and leadership are essential to success and growth.

Harlan Cleveland said:

“Tomorrow’s leaders will be those with a taste for paradox, a talent for organizational ambiguity, and the capacity to hold new and dissimilar ideas comfortably in their minds. They will lead by conviction, not by power.”

Many business and management students are asked to submit papers on leadership and leadership analysis. Even healthcare professionals are tasked with such assignments especially for nurses, and medical officers who will have to assume forms of leadership in different ways.

Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of hard work, long hours, compassion and perseverance. In such cases, where patience and determination are needed to fuel the work, leaders can trigger motivation within a team. For a paper that will be based on nursing leaders, and policies, and theories that influence nursing leadership you will have to come up with a firm thesis statement that can elucidate this matter even more.

Create a firm Thesis Statement

To make your paper not only insightful, but also stand out amongst the rest you need to come up with a unique approach to your topic and develop a thesis statement that simply ‘makes a statement’.

A few examples can be:

“Nursing roles are changing and, practically applied workplace solutions for nurses must be created to overcome nursing shortage and, allow working nurses to assume stronger roles in the workplace.”


“Nurses must be taught different leadership styles so that when they go into the workplace they can become role models for the others around them.”


“The need for nursing leadership is necessary to induce tolerance towards the uncertain workplace and economy, while maintaining a clear focus on the goal and motivate involvement.”

Statistics that represent the Current Scenario

Nursing Leadership - How to Create an Insightful PaperAfter picking out a thesis statement you will know what direction to give your paper, for example if you decide to talk about nurses’ shortage in your country. Begin by explaining the current nursing shortage let’s say for example in the US. Give the statistics and, create a strong analysis through comparative figures.

State that there have been studies lately that the nursing shortage is directly influencing nursing leaders. It has been proven over the passage of time, especially in the last decade even during recession that nurses are directly responsible for swaying healthcare policies and legislation. There is a dire need for nursing leadership as it creates a difference when it comes to administration, practice, teaching and research in this field of work.

Owing to the new technological advancements that emerge every day, nurses are to be given the right kind of training to operate such complex machines, these and other issues can only be resolved that nursing leadership is applied and instilled within the workforce.

Provide an analysis that states the reasons for Nursing Leadership

Nursing students, faculty nurses, nurse managers, nursing executives all need proper guidance, and concise knowledge on their tasks, which we can also infuse with the term nursing leadership.

You need to mention that nursing leaderships encompasses many aspects that include: basic traits of leadership, a leadership model, regulation of the healthcare environment, role and duties, and the tackling strategies for possible unfavorable outcomes.

Nursing academic education and its significance needs to be highlighted in much detail. Nursing leadership needs proper theories and models to present real life examples and explain how to handle when situations arise.

Relate the factors adversely affecting the progress of Nursing Leadership

At this point it would be an excellent move to talk about all the problems that nurses have to face on daily basis. Nurses have one of the most demanding jobs known to man. They have to deal with the stress that comes with the physical work they do like standing for hours on call.

They have to manage the doctor’s end as well as the patient’s end. The growing need of patient’s care and hospital rules add to the burden they already carry. With such a hectic career path they also need to take care of themselves and keep fit and healthy and prepare their body and mind for the next day of work load. There is hardly any system to provide nurses any comfort within their workplace; often hospitals do not provide transportation to nurses even the ones who have night shifts putting their health and safety both at risk.

Also mention that many of the hospitals in the US require mandatory overtime this leads to many problems as health of the caregiver itself is threatened. The risks are increased when nurses work more than twelve hour shifts or more than 40 hours per week.

Present Solutions for Change in the Analysis

Any kind of research paper is incomplete without firm conclusions and validating solutions. Here you are to present the best possible and practical solutions to eradicate problems previously mentioned. There needs to be a voice for nurses, they need someone who can bring their problems to light and get them the respect they deserve. They must bring their issues to the management, and make an effort to get them resolved. They need proper academic guidance that can help them advance in their careers. Coping with new advancements every day is not easy, especially when women are not usually technically apt, for them they need instructors who can teach them how to deal with medical equipment.

Conclude with the Personal View Point

End the paper with a hard hitting view point of your own on the problems stated above and, say what you would do if you were to be established as a nursing leader.

I would hereby conclude that their certain things that I would take into my arsenal. Amongst them the first approach would be to depict a leadership behavior, and learning that will instill inspirations amongst my team members. This way, they will know that I not only preach but also follow the same path of act.

Next, I would make sure that my team members are well aware of the values that our professions dictate and that our objectives are aligned with that of the organization we work for. Last but not the least, I will make certain that even in the middle of a hectic schedule, I make myself available for my team members’ assistance. If they are experiencing any problem, they should feel free to walk up to me anytime and I should be able to help them out.

I will also try to become more flexible towards changes, opinions and suggestions by my team mates. I will try to give more time to coaching development of my own skills as to continually make new efforts for the betterment of the team and the cause on the whole as well.

The best way is to continue to listen to your team members, make sure you instill dedication in them and never, ever, give up on an objective, even it seems almost impossible.

I hope you will find comprehensive help with this material given above for more we suggest you look into a few sample research papers on Nursing Leadership.