Write a Successful Research Paper on Shakespeare

Remember the good old days of high school, when we used to read Romeo and Juliet, act out the scene in the class room, and walk out with starry eyes.

Well those days are over!

Now we are in college and our professor wants a well written, well researched research paper that has nothing to do with finding true love. William Shakespeare has been part of every single student’s academic life, and if your major is English Literature than consider yourself practically married to perhaps the most eminent English playwright that ever lived.

Writing a research paper on Shakespeare is overwhelming, especially owing to the amount of sources one has to read and analyze. I remember, panicking because I did not know what source to use, and which ones to ignore. This kind of your paper tests your skills in pros, poetry and drama.

Let’s started on the paper before we find ourselves losing ourselves in a Midsummer’s Night Dream…!


When we deal with such a complicated topic we have to make sure that in the course of our paper we do not ignore or leave out an important aspect of the topic that needs to be acknowledged when talking about the great Shakespeare.

I suggest we follow the subsequent outline: Early Life, Education, Plays, Poems, Style, Influences, Critical Acclaim, Criticism, Speculations, Death and Afterward.

The Famous Works!

One thing we must do before even starting on the paper is finding if we are capable of the interpretation, and analysis this paper requires from us. Many sonnets and poems of Shakespeare are not easily comprehensible. For this purpose, we must dig up a handsome amount of sources so we are sure we put down the right impression on our readers.

For example, in Shakespeare’s publication: Sonnets, he has used ‘I’ and addressed himself as the man the verses, representing his feelings for married women of dark complexion. It is not clear whether he is actually referring to himself or not. Thus a thorough study is essential before we talk about any of his works.

Hair-raising Details!

Write a Successful Research Paper on ShakespeareShakespeare was a target of much speculation, especially because he was far ahead of his time and that showed in his writing but also due to the fact that his beliefs in terms sexuality and religion were against the laws of ethics and religion. Try to access scholarly archives either online or through a library to find out examples that point out him as a Catholic or even if the fact that he is not.

For example: Shakespeare was believed to be Catholic, but this was unacceptable in his time and thus scholars to date attempt to find out shades Catholicism in his plays. We have not able to prove of his faith yet and we are in search of documents that can prove otherwise.