Writing a Research Paper on Medicine and Health

Writing a research paper is a form of art that is learned, rather than inborn. There is no way you can write a paper without having the basic knowledge of ‘how to write a research paper.’ Add medicine into the mix and, you are in trouble, big time.

Regardless of the number of physicians, nurses and, doctors in the world, the truth is writing is the last thing a student in the field of health sciences is interested in. They entered the field for the practical know how, not the literary stuff.

That is why students in the field of Health and Medicine find it so hard to write a research paper when they are assigned one.

So what do these students do? They do what any smart student living in the 21st century does, they Google it! Despite all that Google has done to make search results effective, the truth is it still has a long way to go before providing the visitor exactly what they are looking for.
So I will take the liberty here and, provide you with the basic guidelines.

Guidelines to Writing a Paper on Medicine and Health

As a student of science, you should be quite an expert on the basis of a process. This is what we start off with, the process of writing a term paper.

1.Step One-Break down the Parts of the Paper

Sit down and, do some brainstorming. If you have the topic of the paper, then one must hope that you have some knowledge of the topic as well. If not, well…let’s not go there.

Most teachers, regardless of the academic level, expect their students to do well in research. They do not want simple essays; they want to see their students present a great research paper, worth of any science journal.

Ever taken the time to read the professional health and medicine journals? They are full of a wealth of information, citations, literature reviews and, so forth. So here is what you would need as the different parts of the paper.

Graduate Level- Medicine and Health Research Paper Outline

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Data Analysis
  • Results Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference Page
  • Appendix

College/High School Level Medicine/Health Paper

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Thesis Statement
  • Discussion/Literature Review
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Reference Page
  • Appendix.

2.Step Two-Create the Thesis statement

Writing a Research Paper on Medicine and HealthThe thesis statement is the most complicated part of the paper. There is so much information out there that separating the gold from the filth is tough. What do you add and, what do you delete?

Give your head a shake, and focus on the topic. You should remain as close to the topic as possible. If the topic is “Diabetes and the role of Genetics’, focus on it. Don’t be pulled into endless debates. What you have to do is create a thesis statement.

A thesis statement should be strong, and, verifiable Diabetes is a vast topic, narrow it down in the thesis. Are you focusing on Type1 or Type 2? Will you focus on the molecular aspect or the metabolic aspect? Make the statement as succinct as possible. Try to create a statement based on available research. You don’t want to create a statement then nullifying it because there is no available data.

3. Step Three-Start the Research

Once you have the thesis statement or the skeleton of one, start the research. Don’t worry; you can tweak the thesis as you get along on the research. The hardest part of a Medicine and/or Health research paper is that you cannot use news reports. Most teachers expect journals and medical books as data sources. So scour the web, online libraries and, the library at your academic institute and, gather the relevant data.

Copy the relevant parts and, paste it into word document for use later. Ensure you have the relevant sources as well.

4. Step Four-You are now ready to write

Really you ask? I am? Sure. All you have to do us sit down and, read the data you pasted into the word document. Take the relevant literature review and, begin the paper. Make sure citations are correctly done, and there is no chance of plagiarism.

Start the introduction, writing about what you will be discussing in the paper. End with the thesis statement.

Then go on to the Literature Review. Start by discussing the literature in terms of your thesis, and finally prove whether your thesis was upheld or not. The analysis is where you will give your own critical analysis of the data.

Graduate students will have it harder as they have to statistically analyze the data as well and, then present the data formulated within the confines of their thesis.

The conclusion will be a tightly formed statement that summarizes the whole paper without repetition and, gives scope for future research.

5. Step Five-The Research Paper and, the Reference/Appendix Page

Here you will have to list down all the materials or sources you used in the paper. The reference style will have been given by the teacher and can be any of the popular styles including:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Harvard
  • Turbian
  • And AMA

How to Create a Reference Page for the paper.

You can learn how at any of the suggested site: Purdue Online Learning Lab [OWL]