Writing an Argumentative Research Papers on Abortion

Yes, research papers can be a royal pain but once in a while you will get a topic that is actually interesting, and gives you a lot of scope for argument. A topic that has the power to trigger awareness can be your good deed towards helping mankind.

Talking about Abortion has never been easy. The arguments relate to science and religion-ever sensitive issues when combined in one forum. It is a never ending debate that is so personal in scope that there is little chance a resolution will ever be reached.

Start the Paper with a Thesis Statement

There can be various aspects that can be taken when writing a research paper talking about abortion. Remember, your thesis statement will decide the direction of your paper so you need to fully comprehend the ins and outs of your selected approach to do justice to your paper.
A few examples can be as follows:

If you are against abortion a statement could read: “Abortion can have negative effects on the health of a woman and, must not be performed unless medically necessary.”


If you are for abortion: “The implications of modern abortion law allow for individual freedom. Abortion is a personal choice and, must be legal as the consequences do not effect society as a whole.”

Another side of the abortion debate: “Sex-selective abortion is unacceptable in a society where humanity prevails”
Remember, if the thesis statement does not excite you, it won’t excite the reader!

Write about the Science Involved

As a writer, you’d be required to carry out an in-depth analysis of the procedure itself, the types available as well as the induction methods. This means you will be required to explain the concept to your readers first, and give a small background on abortion.

Identify the differences between an induced abortion and a spontaneous one. Give a listing of all the ways a natural abortion is induced, how it is different from a spontaneous abortion and how it can be therapeutic or elective.

You will have to be ready with facts describing a spontaneous abortion, the situations in which a spontaneous abortion becomes a necessity, especially in cases where genetic diseases surface, and the conditions on which a spontaneous abortion can bet termed safe.

You will have to talk about how families try to prevent genetic defects from passing onto the next generation. You can even give information on how couples usually abort a pregnancy if their previous child has suffered any kind genetic defect or inability. You will give arguments that on such grounds an abortion does not only becomes necessary, but must be medically and, socially ethical.

It would add value to your paper, if you gather statistics to show the ratio of induced abortions against the ratio of spontaneous abortions in your state or country.

Talk about the Health Risks

Writing an Argumentative Research Papers on AbortionThe world can use a lot of awareness about the safety, and health risks involved in an abortion. An abortion can lead to various complications even proving fatal in many cases. Many developing countries do not have the right kind of techniques and sanitation observances whereby an abortion becomes unsafe, and must be termed unacceptable under all circumstances.

Elaborate on the point that it is the responsibility of a doctor to suggest the patients, the right month for the termination of pregnancy as well as what kind of abortion is safe for them i.e. surgical, medical or even using folk medicine.

You can even talk about how the American Psychological Association has concluded that a single abortion is not a threat to women’s mental health, but other studies and researchers are not in sync with these conclusions. Research suggests that an abortion can trigger mental unrest like the ‘post – abortion syndrome’. You will have to talk about the mental and social state of women and their mind that have undergone an abortion against their will.

Society and Culture

When talking about abortions we cannot even think of ignoring the debate, the controversy and the activism that surrounds our subject matter at hand. Begin by talking about moral opinions that people have about abortion and gradually with logic shift to explaining religious views on the same. Show absolute neutralism in your approach and highlight all aspects of this debate. Remember, you are talking about a sensitive issue and you must not show favoritism to either of the sides.

Next, talk about in great detail about the modern abortion law that will be responsible in giving the current status of this procedure to your audience. Make sure to mention the laws in your particular state or country showing your hard-hitting research on your topic. Talk about how Sonography and Amniocentesis open doors for sex-selective abortion and in many religions it is considered next to a sin. You can also mention how in many regions of the world like Asia a male child is preferred, and this leads to many girl infantile deaths. Many women in Asia undergo repeated abortions in order to terminate any girl fetus as their families especially the in-laws demand for a male heir. Adding a few case studies or even magazine stories at this point will aid your arguments against this social issue.

Present research on Abortion in context of Media and Literature

Trying to get your point across to your readers might become a little easy if you portray what the general public thinks about abortion using how it is being illustrated in arts, literature and, movies. Talk about movies like Dirty Dancing and If These Walls Could Talk, and literature like the well-known mythic epic poem and opera libretto Among the Goddesses (2010), where the heroine’s abortion is contextualized spiritually by the goddesses Demeter, Kali, and Inanna by the poetess Annie Finch. The media and, literary representation of abortion can be used for or against the topic depending on the context that you have chosen.

Leave your readers with a thought that will question the very roots of the society they call their own. Giving them something to think about will connect you both on a higher level and guarantee you an excellent grade. You can also look into a few sample research papers on abortion for your reference.